Alive At Ninety-Five

by Carl Reiner

Alive at Ninety-Five: Recalling Movies I Love (1915-1950)

Living legend and Hollywood icon, Carl Reiner guides readers through a tour of his favorite films.  After seeing his first film at the Belmont Theater in the Bronx on when he was 4 years old, young Carl Reiner was mesmerized by the silver screen.  Mr. Reiner guides readers through an informative history of cinema with personal anecdotes about selected films as well as informative details by film critics and historians.  This one-of-a-kind collection is a must-have for any Carl Reiner fan, and cinephile and movie buff.  


Approaching Ninety-Six

by Carl Reiner

Approaching Ninety-Six: The Films I love Viewing & Loved Doing (1951-2017)

Living legend and Hollywood icon, Carl Reiner continues his guided tour through the history of cinema and his favorite films.  Starting in 1951, just as he began to be nationally recognized as one of the stars of Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows, Carl Reiner picks up the story of American Cinema with more personal anecdotes and informative details about his own contributions to movies.  The co-writer and director of some of the most beloved films of the second-half of the twentieth century, Reiner shares his favorite memories from behind the camera.  An absolute must-have for any fan of Carl Reiner and American cinema.