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I Just Remembered


by Carl Reiner


A limited supply of "I Just Remembered" remains so if you want me to personalize a copy for you, act now!

–Carl Reiner

The amazing thing about the human memory is that, just when one thinks one has recalled everything worth recalling, the memory regenerates itself and serves up a whole new eminently worthy batch. At least that s how it works when you re dealing with the legendary mind of Carl Reiner. In his 2013 memoir, I Remember Me, Carl treated us to ninety years of professional and personal anecdotes, ranging from witty, weird and heartwarming to insightful, informative, and always funny usually a combination of at least two, sometimes three or four, of the aforementioned. Carl had taken us on a nostalgic trip through every corner, every nook and cranny, of his life. Or so we thought. But over the next two years, new old memories kept coming and coming and coming until, before too long, another book was born.

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