The Who’s Who of Who Cares?

“It’s all about creating a lasting and worthy legacy,” says Lawrence O’Flahavan, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Random Content Ink of the mission of the Los Angeles-based organization.  “While we are far from the finishing line in our work with Mr. Reiner, we have discovered a lot about the need for artists to continue to create, the needed protection their work deserves, as well as solidifying and shaping their relevance.”

All too often, after hearing a song, watching a movie, or seeing a TV show, someone will research an actor, a writer, an artist only to find a frustratingly out-of-date website, next to no active social media and worst of all, a labyrinth of out-of-date website links.  Sadly, all too often, an admirer’s best source of information about the artist is in the hands of user-generated content like Wikipedia.   


Random Content Ink was specifically created out of necessity by Carl Reiner and his creative partner, to be the publishing home for himself and his creative endeavors.  After the 2013 release of the groundbreaking, ‘I Remember Me’ iBook, Mr. Reiner has continued his prolific writing career.  An accomplished and best-selling author, Carl Reiner is now recruiting other creative legends to publish their works, share their stories, and to preserve and solidify their legacy through print, video, and other media content.  

Artists such as Peter Cetera, Vicki Lawrence, Johnny Rivers, Bertie Higgins, Donald Fagen, and Rupert Holmes, are just a few of the tens of dozens of artists whom are still active, touring and in some cases making new music and creatively engaged in new endeavors.  Each of them have sold millions of hit albums and given happiness and joy to generations of fans and they remain relevant touring musicians and performers.  However, they have limited social media presence, and websites unworthy of their success and stature.  Random Content believes that they deserve their rightful place in entertainment history for their achievements!  Moreover, they deserve their legacy to be overseen and protected.  Random Content Ink is an organization that not only works with artists to help them create new work, we help protect and enrich their life’s work.  

Random Content Ink welcomes the opportunity to serve all artists whom wish to continue to create, solidify their legacy, and continue their relevance, through our diverse portfolio of services from print and digital publishing, web design, digital storytelling, and social media strategy and execution as well as many other media solutions.  

On The Air with Larry Wilmore

             Carl Reiner was recently a guest on Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air’s podcast. Wilmore is an Emmy Award-winning producer, actor and comedian. He currently hosts a podcast where he weighs in on the issues of the week and interviews guests in the worlds of politics, entertainment, culture, sports, and beyond. Larry sat down with acclaimed comedian, producer, and director Carl Reiner to discuss his early time in showbiz, his new book ‘Too Busy To Die,’ and his thoughts on President Trump. They also discussed current book in progress, "Alive At Ninety-Five" and gave Larry a sneak peek. Listen to their conversation below! 

Carl Reiner: How I Run My World

Saucony, the 119 year old racing shoe company recently set out to see how 10 people across the globe run their world on a daily basis in remarkable and inspiring ways. Carl Reiner was at the top of their list! This campaign included an Instagram takeover that gave each featured person the opportunity to show us how they run their world. Saucony's "Run Your World" campaign encourages followers to, "Push it. Shake it. Create it. Get after it. Show us how you Run Your World." And that is exactly what Carl Reiner did!

Unboxing videos. Lacing up his new Saucony's. Showing off his new sneakers. Even telling us where he believes the term "sneakers" came from! Carl Reiner's Instagram takeover for Saucony was non-stop laughs and left viewers in awe of how this 95-year-old directer, writer, actor and Twitter enthusiast runs his world! In case you missed the Instagram takeover, his complete Instagram Live Q&A and takeover is below! He even offered viewers a sneak peek at what he's been working on and his latest & upcoming books!

David Di FrancoComment
Happy 56th Anniversary! The Dick Van Dyke Show debuted on CBS on this date in 1961!

The Dick Van Dyke Show, created by Carl Reiner debuted on October 3, 1961 on CBS.  Starring Dick Van Dyke, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, Larry Mathews, and Mary Tyler Moore, the show went on to win an impressive total of 15 Emmy awards.

            In the below chapter from "Why & When The Dick Van Dyke Show Was Born,” Carl Reiner explains the beginnings of the Dick Van Dyke show.

                                                Ruinously Rotten Ratings

            In 1962, for reasons not too difficult to fathom, the ratings for the first season of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” were much lower than our competitor Perry Como and his very popular variety show. The word ‘cancellation,” hung over heads like the sword of Damocles.

            The network executives, requiring shows to fill their summer schedule, offered us six thousand dollars per episode to re-run our shows.

            Sheldon Leonard, after discussions with the accounting department, decided that, financially, their deal was not worth considering.

            Here, Sheldon and I had our first disagreement- a major one that provoked me to come very close to shouting.

            “Sheldon,” I argued, “the only reason our ratings were bad was that were competing with ‘The Perry Como Show,” the highest rated program on television.”

            Perry Como was a very handsome Italian gent who sang ballads in a silky smooth, baritone-tenor voice that melted the hearts of both men and women.

            “And as for the six thousand dollar offer,” I said, “I’d be willing to give the network the shows for nothing! I’m sure that during the summer when ‘The Perry Como Show,’ is on hiatus, the public will at least give our show a look- I know that whoever sees it will be hooked and tell their friends about it!”

            Sheldon Leonard, gent that he was, graciously let me have my way- and the rest, as they say is history. 

To read more about the creation and behind-the-scenes stories of the Dick Van Dyke Show, order your personalized copy today