The Downing of Trump

The Downing of Trump


by Carl Reiner and his Co-Co-Co-Co-Co-Co-Tweeters

The Downing of Trump

From the back flap:

    In this space, I challenge Judy Nagy, my trusted associate, to put together words that so intrigue the reader that they could naught do but purchase at least three copies, one for themselves, one for their best friend and one for the ‘little girl who lives on the hill.’

    Carl, I accept your challenge, and this couldn’t be easier.  I will just quote Rolling Stone, from their recent list of The 50 Funniest People RightNow:

    “Carl Reiner: Best old-man Twitter ever. Reiner, who basically invented TV comedy, remains a badass, venting daily about how pissed off he is at the state of the nation, and the douchebag in the White House. We should all age with this much righteous attitude.”

    I couldn’t have said it better.  Badass.

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