The Secret Treasure of Tahka Paka

The Secret Treasure of Tahka Paka


by Carl Reiner

Hardback and iBook

When 8-year-old Cark Reimer and his 6-year-old sister Carla knock on the front door of their new neighbor’s house, hoping that they have children they can play with, they get something way better – when the door is opened by a man wearing the scariest, coolest monster mask! It turns out their neighbor, Mr. Neewollah (spell it backwards…), creates monsters for a movie studio, and when he invites Cark, Carla, and their parents to join him for a movie shoot on the tropical island of Tahka Paka, how can they resist? 

In his latest book, “The Secret Treasure of Tahka Paka,” Carl Reiner continues the tradition he established in “Tell Me A Scary Story… But Not Too Scary!” of taking the reader on a roller coaster ride of twists, turns, scary surprises and lots of fun. From the moment the Reimer family arrives on Tahka Paka, they find that the magical island holds many secrets, including hidden caves, tunnels, crypts, ancient curses, pirates and a secret treasure that will benefit all of us. 

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