What I Forgot To Remember

What I Forgot To Remember


by Carl Reiner


I was so heartened by the online book signing of my last memoir that I happily offer it again for my new book "What I Forgot to Remember."

–Carl Reiner 

It’s finally here – the last installment of the Carl Reiner “I Remember” Trilogy (which is not to say he won’t continue to remember and write). In 2012, Carl wrote his hilarious and heartwarming memoir, “I Remember Me,” chronicling ninety years of living and laughing, with twelve Emmys and a Grammy to attest to his esteemed career in show business. Over the next two years, so many more stories continued to flood Carl’s memory that he felt compelled to follow up with the equally rich and funny, “I Just Remembered.” In this latest work, “What I Forgot To Remember,” Carl has written a book that goes beyond the scope of mere life and showbiz memories. 

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